Cellullosic Fire Proofing:

Jotun Steelmaster range of fireproof Intumescent coatings protect steel structures against cellulosic fire. There is a growing concern for more health, safety and environment (HSE) standards that can assure the safety and security of workers on site. In the outbreak of a fire, unprotected steelwork can easily reach a temperature of 550C in only a matter of minutes. At this temperature, the steelwork can lose its load bearing capacity and cause the supporting structure to collapse. During a fire, Steelmaster expands into a char-like insulating layer and greatly extends the time needed for the steelwork to be weakened by rising temperatures.

Steelmaster protects steel structure against cellulosic fire for a period of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes allowing more time for safe evacuation and for the fire services to bring the fire under control.

Hydrocarbon Fire Proofing:

Jotun Jotachar JF750 fireproof Intumescent coating protects steel where jet fire protection is required. A majority of offshore assets require some degree of jet fire protection, with many onshore owners now also demanding PFP materials that can demonstrate Jet fire capability to ISO 22899.