Polymer Group’s range of high performance strata stabilisation injection materials are formulated for use in mining, construction and geothermal applications. The range comprises a series of products which provide strata stabilisation for conditions typically encountered in tunnelling, drilling and mining environments.

ReZolution Bolt Hold

ReZolution Bolt Hold  is a fire resistant, instant gelling, rapid setting injection system based on urea silicate technology.

It is designed to structurally grout ground anchors into rock strata.


ReZolution Silcrete TSL

ReZolution SilCrete TSL is a two component hard, tough, elastomeric material that is applied through low pressure plural component machinery. No heat is required. The product is flexible with good elongation and high early compressive and tensile strengths. Adhesion is outstanding to even moist surfaces. 60 to 70% of the physical properties are achieved in 1-2 hours (depending on ambient temperature) although set up time is only 10-15 minutes.