Enduracoat Coal Tar Epoxy

Enduracoat Coal Tar Epoxy is a heavy duty, high-build, epoxy coal tar coating for the protection of steel and concrete in severe service.  Enduracoat Coal Tar Epoxy can be applied at thicknesses up to 300 microns per coat.  Enduracoat Coal Tar Epoxy cures to a hard, smooth finish.

Used for lining tanks, piping, trenches, sumps and as heavy duty maintenance coating for steel and concrete – splash, spillage and fumes.  Widely used for protection of offshore structures, marine installations, pilings.  Also as lining for barges and tankers carrying sour crude, petroleum products and salt water ballast.  Enduracoat Coal Tar Epoxy is recommended for concrete and steel surfaces in sewage treatment plants, paper mills, chemical plants, etc.  Excellent protection for underground surfaces.