ReZolution Silcrete TSL


ReZolution SilCrete TSL is a two component hard, tough, elastomeric material that is applied through low pressure plural component machinery.  No heat is required.  The product is flexible with good elongation and high early compressive and tensile strengths.  Adhesion is outstanding to even moist surfaces.  60 to 70% of the physical properties are achieved in 1-2 hours (depending on ambient temperature) although set up time is only 10-15 minutes.



Uses:   TSL is a Thin Skin Lining (TSL) designed specifically for the consolidation of stressed rock structures associated with mining to prevent unravelling of strata and the associated risks presented from falling ground.  It also has potential for use as a fire retardant coating for various other substrates.


  • High tensile strength: capable of holding together under extreme loading conditions
  • High impact strength
  • Compressive strength: approximately 10 Mpa after 30 minutes
  • Outstanding adhesion: bonds to all (rock, coal, concrete) surfaces
  • Fire Retardant
  • Cream colour: for good light reflectance
  • Water based: clean up with water
  • Solvent free: therefore no flammable volatiles
  • No raw material handling: no requirement to be handled other than connecting hoses to the material containers, drums or 1000 litre IBC’s
  • No batch mixing: no cement or aggregates or polymer additives required
  • Applied at 5-10 mm thickness: can be applied by hand gun or robotic spray apparatus

The world’s first Urea-Silicate Spray-on Thin Skin Liner material.
Application demonstration in March 2022 with the team at Moore Mining at the Resource Centre of Excellence in Mackay Queensland.

Silcrete TSL is spray applied at only 6 – 10mm in thickness and provides support capabilities comparable to shotcrete with extremely rapid development of physical properties including achieving 10MPa compressive strength after only 30 minutes of spray application.

Silcrete TSL can be spray applied onto vertical and overhead surfaces and built up to 10mm on the substrate forming a thick non-draining coating, penetrating into fissures and around cleats to bind the strata together. Even on wet substrates, Silcrete TSL forms a tenaciously adhered spray-on lining with extremely rapid strength development and return to service times. Application is via a simple resin injection pump such as this SK90 unit shown here.

Silcrete TSL is manufactured by Polymer Group here in New Zealand.
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