Suprasec 7216

Rubber Crumb Adhesives

Moisture-cured polyurethane adhesives are used to bind re-milled rubber waste or rubber crumb. Designed to meet the specific needs of a variety of applications, from running tracks to garden tiles, rubber crumb adhesives need to suit a range of processing conditions, including wet-lay and moulding processes.

Each demands a different adhesives mix – from high flexibility to rigid, low to high viscosity -and very low to highly reactive types. All these mixes are covered by the SUPRASEC® MDI*-based product range from Huntsman Polyurethanes. (* Methylene di-isocyanate).



Compared to our standard SUPRASEC 7112 adhesive binder, SUPRASEC 7216 has a lower viscosity and does not thicken up as much when used in colder temperatures. Use SUPRASEC 7216 where ease of application in cold temperatures is required. SUPRASEC 7216 may be slower to cure and may need the addition of catalyst during application.

Application techniques
To manufacture these polyurethane composites the rubber granules are wetted with a pre-polymer and transferred to a mould or press, where the mix is compressed and cured. Or for sports/play surfaces laid directly at the building site, by processes similar to those employed in road construction for the laying of asphalt. The properties of the composites depend on the particle size of the rubber granules, the constitution and the amount of the polyurethane one-component adhesive and in case of the moulding process also on the degree of compaction during curing.

Bonding rubber granules with polyurethane adhesives opens possibilities to create high attractive products for improved comfort

• noise and vibration dampening
• slip resistance
• shock absorption

Moisture curing polyurethane adhesive binder used with rubber crumb and aggregates.