WetSuit® System

The WetSuit® System consists of a range of environmentally friendly solutions used throughout the building envelope that meet specific roofing, waterproofing and air/vapor barrier requirements. All of our fluid applied, seamless membranes are water based, cold applied, Coal-Tar Free, have no VOC’s, are Class A fire rated, and have self-extinguishing capabilities.
The Wetsuit® system includes:
WetSuit® PrimeMate Water Based primer
WetSuit® 2 parts Instant set membrane
WetSuit® 1 part Self leveling membrane
WetSuit® Undercover pre-strip joints,
penetration or details
WetSuit® Trowel and fiberated Trowel
for Patching details
Invisilink™ reinforcing fabric

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Wetsuit® PrimeMate

Wetsuit® PrimeMate is a high quality, plasticizer free, single component, water-based, acrylic primer for spray brush or roller application. It is designed to provide both excellent adhesion as well as plasticizer migration resistance. It is formulated to block plasticizer migration from PVC membranes that can cause unsightly discoloration and premature failure of elastomeric coating systems. It has excellent adhesion to most single ply surfaces including PVC, Hypalon and aged TPO. It Provides excellent surface for subsequent application of acrylic and 100% solids Silicone coatings.

It has the unique ability to “breath”, providing a completely watertight membrane while allowing trapped moisture to escape Wetsuit® PrimeMate is designed as a primer for various single-ply membranes including PVC, Hypalon and Aged TPO.

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Wetsuit® 2 Part

Wetsuit® 2 Part liquid membrane is a fully self-adhered, cold spray applied, self-flashing membrane with a wide variety of uses for virtually all above and below grade applications.
It can be sprayed to any mil thickness in a single pass thus creating a truly custom and precise membrane allowing unparalleled architectural freedom and ease of application.
Spraying system & coating covered by US Pat. No. 8,919,278, US Pat. No. 8,940,382 and patent pending

Unrivaled Quality & Versatility
FM testing proved to put The WetSuit® in a class of its own. It is one of a select few materials on the market with a Class A fire rating, severe hail resistance, 2124% elongation and a wind uplift of Class 1-990! In addition, The WetSuit® is proven as a viable air and vapor barrier. With very low perms, The WetSuit® can be employed not only in below grade applications and roofing, but in between as a seamless, fluid applied vapor barrier as well.

The Healthier and Safer Coating Alternative
The water-based, no VOC, low pressure, cold spray applied, non-flammable features of The WetSuit® eliminate job hazards such as torches, solvents, and heavy equipment.

Time and Money Saving
Because WetSuit® is so lightweight and with excellent adhesion to most roof surfaces, the need to tear off existing roofs is most often eliminated, greatly reducing installation costs and environmental impact. Surface preparation is generally limited to pressure washing the old roof to provide a clean surface for WetSuit® to adhere to. Utilizing only one applicator, WetSuit® can be installed at a fast and efficient rate of 1500 sq ft per hour, reducing crew size and job time..

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Wetsuit® 1 Part

Wetsuit® 1 Part is a water-based, medium viscosity, self-leveling membrane that can be sprayed, brushed, or roll applied up to 80 mils wet vertically. Wetsuit® 1 Part is used in roofing, waterproofing and air/vapor barrier applications.

For roofing, Wetsuit® 1 Part is ideal for standing seam metal, aged SPF, wood and concrete. Our reinforcement fabric, Invisilink®, is frequently embedded into Wetsuit® 1 Part during the preparatory phase by application to existing seams and joints, or to create a fully reinforced membrane.

Wetsuit® 1 Part is primarily used as a stand alone membrane or as counter-flashing to Wetsuit® 2 Parts.

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Wetsuit® Undercover

The WetSuit® UnderCover is a water-based, medium viscosity, self-leveling membrane that can be sprayed, brushed, or roll applied up to 80 mils wet vertically. UnderCover is used exclusively under, or between, the Wetsuit® products.

Wetsuit® UnderCover exhibits a tenacious adhesion to most substrates and is primarily used as detail product in conjunction with Invisilink™ fabric to detail penetrations, pre-strip in joints, edging, or cant strips, or self-level areas prior to WetSuit® 2 Parts application.

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Wetsuit® Trowel

WetSuit® Trowel is a high viscosity, water-based coating specifically designed as a roofing and waterproofing patch. Applied by trowel or brush, it is ideal for sealing leaky roof penetrations, ducting, flashings, cracks, joints and tears. WetSuit® Trowel is ideal on EPdM, TPO, asphalt, wood, metal, concrete and foam. Additionally, WetSuit® Trowel can be used as a waterproofing adhesive for setting tile and stone and is a very efficient product for preparation to fill cracks, voids and as a boot for small penetrations.

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Wetsuit® Fiberated Trowel

WetSuit® Trowel has been reinforced with fiberglass strands which cures into a high tensile strength, minimum elongation roofing and waterproofing patch. Trowel, brush, or hand applied, it works perfectly for detailing high movement areas such as penetrations and joints.


Invisilink™ is a lightweight, yet super durable, tear resistant seam fabric. Invisilink™ features stitch bonded polyester which is one of the strongest materials available to the roofing industry for use as reinforcement in cold process roofing. Invisilink™’s characteristics provide an unusual combination of high strength properties with good elongation for excellent thermal stress force accommodations. The soft polyesters will readily conform to various roof surfaces such as embedded gravel and standing seam metal roof decks. It is also much easier to handle and apply properly than other soft polyester sheets.

Invisilink™ is used with WetSuit® 1 Part, WetSuit® Trowel or WetSuit® Undercover on new construction with seams, and gaps more than 1/4” wide. It can be applied by brush, roller or Neptune Coatings Seam Machine for large square footage applications.
Invisilink is available in the following sizes:
4” x 300’
6” x 300’
40” x 324’
Invisilink™ is compatible to be used with WetSuit® 2 Parts, WetSuit® 1 Part, WetSuit® Trowel and WetSuit® Undercover to reinforce joints, cracks or seams.

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