Contract Management & Supervision

The maintenance engineer’s biggest problem is determining how to control his/her maintenance programme. Ensuring that the contract or project work undertaken is both performed to quality assurance standards and a timetable that matches the shut, or outage, usually involves the co-ordination of several sub-contractors and service providers. But not any more. 

Polymer Group Ltd has its own Contracting General Manager who will undertake to liaise, co-ordinate and supervise both new and maintenance work providing a sole responsibility service. Many of Polymer Group’s products are high performance, plural component, materials that require sophisticated application equipment. Polymer Group staff are not only familiar with such equipment, we own it. With approved applicators located throughout the country we can provide on-site inspections, QA reports and maintenance audits. Our involvement can be as simple as site supervision or as complete project managers. We call it SOLE RESPONSIBILITY, (with warranties to match).

Sole Responsibility Contract Management

With extensive experience in the on-site application management of all its products Polymer Group is able to offer a unique contract installation service.

Accepting full contractual obligations to both supply materials and arrange/supervise application, the Company provides a sole responsibility service.

Polymer Group now offers the client the simplest form of project or maintenance management, all undertaken to quality standards for process and documentation.