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Eliminator® Protective Membrane

PROJECT:                           Waterproof Steel Rail Deck

Owner:                              Kiwi Rail

Principal Contractor:    Downers

Project Specification:    Eliminator Zed S94 Metal Primer

Stirling Lloyd Two Coat Eliminator


Contract Applicator:     Polymer Group Ltd  –  Bridge Coating Contract Manager

Completion Date:          2015

The Stirling Lloyd Eliminator waterproofing membrane system was chosen by kiwi Rail to waterproof and protect steel rail decks either side of rail bridges and steel and concrete rail bridges.

The Tauranga concrete bridge was waterproofed to prevent ingress of salt water corroding the steel reinforcing. Waterproofing the concrete bridge deck prevents the steel reinforcing from corroding that would lead to spalling of the concrete.

The Taupiri

The Taumaranui steel bridges (NIMT bridge 201, 203, 204, 208 & 209) are Cor-Ten 10 steel (self-passivating – exhibits resistance to atmospheric corrosion) and the internal steel bridge decks were waterproofed to prevent corrosion to the Cor-Ten 10 steel substrate. The steel trays contain ballast and fill with water that results in corrosion of the Cor-Ten steel substrate. Cor-Ten steel is not resistant to ponding water.

The road surfacing was removed, the concrete deck prepared and primed and two waterproofing layers of Stirling Lloyd Eliminator waterproofing membrane applied to the concrete bridge deck. A bond coat was applied over the Stirling Lloyd Eliminator waterproofing membrane and then the asphalt wear layer was the reapplied.

For all enquiries or requests for information please contact  Ron Avery, Contracts Manager on 09 274-1400 or

Surface Preparation and Waterproofing
Protection of Weathered Steel & Concrete
Tauranga : M.T.L. concrete bridge with protection completed.

STAGE 1: Grit Blasting

Weathered steel gritblasted to International Standards(rear section before this stage).

STAGE 2 : Priming

Priming underway on gritblasted steel bridge surface.

Primed steel bridge deck ready for Eliminator application.

STAGE 3  :Eliminator® 1st coat application

Applying first coat of Eliminator over primer.

Onsite application, Taumaranui.

STAGE 4 : ELIMINATOR® 2nd coat.

Fabricating yard application, Napier.

Applying the second and final coat of Eliminator.

Stirling Lloyd pioneered the use of cold spray applied liquid waterproofing, changing industry expectations of waterproofing application and performance. Since then, Stirling Lloyd products have played a pivotal role in the construction of new and the repair of existing structures by providing lasting protection. These solutions have been developed to : Extend service life of your structure whilst reducing maintenance needs: provide you with the best whole life cycle cost and maintain structural integrity.