Around the world, formulators rely on Huntsman’s SUPRASEC® MDI to enhance the manufacture and performance of adhesives for an array of end uses, including:

  • Continuous panel lamination;
  • Industrial adhesives;
  • Rubber crumb;
  • Structural wood adhesives.

Adhesives based on Huntsman Polyurethanes’ technology bond an extensive range of materials and resist a wide variety of adverse physical conditions and chemical environments. Their versatility makes them a raw material of choice for the formulation of sealants, rubber crumb, panel laminating, flexible packaging or reactive hot melt adhesives.

Polyurethane-based wood adhesives: Polyurethane products are well known for their strength and versatility in structural wood adhesive applications. They offer many technical and engineering advantages including:

  • Exceptionally strong bonding of wood and superior ageing properties;
  • Adaptable curing speeds that can be fine tuned to suit fast and slow cure assembly techniques;
  • Good, deep wetting and uniform penetration properties creating a large bonding interface;
  • Excellent reactivity with water naturally occurring in wood, creating strong crosslinks that add to overall adhesive strength.

Suprasec 7113

Suprasec 7113 polyurethane panel and laminate adhesive.

Suprasec 7113 is a spray and rollable, solvent borne, flexible polyurethane adhesive suitable for bonding a wide range of substrates including polystyrene foam, timber, some plastics and various metallic and Colorbond® surfaces.

Suprasec 7113 adhesive system is moisture cured and hence the cure rate is related to the prevailing relative humidity and temperature of the substrates and the atmosphere.