Polymer Group’s primary focus is the protection and maintenance of property and assets. Other than the ravages of a corrosive or marine environment the largest threat businesses often face is fire. The disruption to operations, loss of supply to key clients and loss of revenue can be devastating. Fires can start when you least expect them, and often for unforeseen reasons (electrical faults, lightning strikes, spontaneous combustion and ….. arson!)  Polymer Group offers an unsurpassed range of passive fire protection products for: Oil and gas facilities Energy generation Pulp and paper facilities Commercial and industrial buildings


Firefree Coatings, Inc., is the leading developer of high-quality fire retardant and fire resistant intumescent coatings that will help reduce the spread of fire, minimize smoke and toxic gases that would occur during a fire, thus giving occupants extra time to evacuate a building safely and limiting destruction of property. Our products are fire tested at third-party accredited International Accreditation Service (IAS) testing laboratories. Firefree 88 is approved by FM Approvals, listed by ICC (ESR4271, classified by Underwriters Laboratories (U/L) and accepted by NY Material and Equipment Acceptance Division. Firefree Class A is listed by CA SFM Building Materials and listed by ICC (ESR4271).