Stirling Lloyd have been successfully waterproofing bridge structures with Eliminator since 1974. Literally thousands of structures, in excess of 40 million m² applied without failure. A range of innovative bond coats ensure all types of surfacing stay where they are intended, on the deck. Eliminator is an advanced bridge deck waterproofing system with an unparalleled track record that will outlast your structure and provide you with reduced maintenance costs. How do you carry out essential maintenance work, including bridge deck waterproofing, whilst minimising traffic disruption in your town or city? Eliminator is the answer! Eliminator is SERCO PADS registered (028/97002).

Eliminator® is a 100% effective seamless bridge deck waterproofing membrane, flexible and tough enough to outlast the design life of many structures.

For Road and Rail Bridges designed by engineers, Eliminator® is the result of an 8 year independent research programme to develop the ideal waterproofing membrane. No other bridge deck waterproofing system features such advanced MMA Technology, has such global approval or protects so comprehensively.