Polycrete MDB

A hard wearing, self-priming, aggregate filled cementitious urethane floor topping with excellent thermal shock resistance. POLY-CRETE MDB is typically installed at a nominal ¼ inch thickness and uses a natural quartz aggregate. Recommended substrates are concrete, mild steel and polymer reinforced screeds. POLY-CRETE MDB can be installed with moisture levels up to 12 lb sf/1000 sf/24 hours and can be applied to 7-14 day old concrete. A topcoat of DUR-A-FLEX epoxy, urethane or methyl methacrylate is applied depending on performance requirements.

POLY-CRETE MDB has a wide service temperature range from -37 to 104°C. POLY-CRETE MDB is hygienic and does not harbor bacteria, possess high chemical resistance and high abrasion resistance. POLY-CRETE MDB is VOC and ADA compliant, meets USDA, FDA and CFIA Standards and gain Leed credit points.Dur-a-Flex5



Polycrete MDB Component A


Polycrete MDB Component B


Polycrete MDB Component C


Also available:

Poly-Crete MD a self-level cementitious urethane,

Poly-Crete MDC a cementitious urethane with broadcast vinyl chip,

Poly-Crete MDQ a cementitious urethane with broadcast decorative quartz,

Poly-Crete SLB a self-level cementitious urethane with broadcast quartz aggregate,

Poly-Crete SLC a self-level cementitious urethane with broadcast decorative chip,

Poly-Crete SLC a self-level cementitious urethane with broadcast coloured or decorative quartz,

and Poly-Crete TF a high build polyurethane topcoat or primer.