Strata Bond Thixotropic

Strata Bond Thixotropic is a two component, 1:1 by volume, fire resistant injection system based on urea silicate technology. Upon mixing, Strata Bond Thixotropic instantly form a smooth pumpable gel which is thixotropic (exhibits shear thinning.)  This enables the material to flow easily under the pressure from the injection pump.  When the pressure/pumping stops, the material reverts to a gel and stops flowing, thereby preventing the material from running out of bolt holes, cracks or adjacent injection drill holes.  Using a two-component injection pump coupled with a static in-line mixer head it is designed to rapidly grout Cable Bolts and Self Drilling Anchor (SDA) Bolts.  Compared to cementitious products, using Strata Bond Thixotropic for bolt grouting can result in massive improvements in drive-age rates and productivity.  It can also be used to stabilise strata and coal by imparting structural strength and flexibility. Strata Bond Thixotropic can be used in wet environments where it exhibits good adhesion to wet surfaces, but will not absorb water.

In addition to being fire resistant owing to its unique silicate chemistry, the maximum exotherm reached during crosslinking is well under the maximum 150°C allowed as specified by the NSW Government Trade and Investment Mine Safety Guideline MDG 3608 August 2012, Appendix D1-TM003.


Rapid Cable Bolt and Self Drilling Ancor (SDA) Bolt grouting. (Instant set.)

Rapid consolidation and stabilisation of other substrates such as sand, gravel, fractured road rock etc.

Crack repairs above and below water.


  • Fire resistant
  • Very fast reactivity imparting ‘instant’ structural strength and resiliency
  • Suitable exothermic behaviour for use in coal mines
  • Similar reaction and cured properties in dry or underwater situations
  • Penetrates cracks greater than 0.15mm
  • Does not expand its cured volume. Does not absorb water
  • Very good adhesion to wet surfaces





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Cadia Mine, NSW Australia