Swimming Pool Coatings

ENDURACOAT SP is a high-solids, mid-gloss, high-build epoxy mastic protective coating system for concrete swimming pools. It can be applied by spray, brush or roller over sealed concrete and cementitious surfaces, and is compatible with most existing coatings. The cured film provides a tough and cleanable surface.

• Excellent chemical resistance
• Good flexibility and lower stress upon curing than most epoxy coatings
• Very good abrasion resistance

ENDURACOAT SP offers outstanding protection for swimming pools.

Use Enduracoat EP Sealer – a deeply penetrating epoxy primer, over cleaned, properly prepared concrete and cementitious surfaces to ensure full penetration and optimised adhesion of the ENDURACOAT SP protective swimming pool coating to the substrate.

Contact a Polymer Group technical representative for a full preparation and painting specification.


Enduracoat EP Sealer

Enduracoat SP

Enduracoat 3630HB