PROJECT: Polyurea Waterproofing for concrete Water Tank Roof

OWNER/CONSULTANT: Christchurch city Council / City Care

ADDRESS:  Sutherlands 1 Reservoir Christchurch

PRODUCTS:  Aquagard M Primer, Endurathane 6000 Polyurea, Ultraure A-80 Topcoat

CONTRACTOR:  NZ Spray Linings

Waterproofing concrete water tank roof

Water is pumped around the Christchurch city fringe and stored in water tanks for supply to the outer suburbs.  Because Christchurch City water is not chlorinated the water supply may be prone to contamination. This tank roof was no longer sealed and could allow contaminants to enter the reservoir.

The segmented concrete tank roof joints were not repairable.  City Care requested a monolithic seamless membrane be installed to keep out contaminants.

The 44 roof joints were addressed and a polyurea spray lining applied over the
concrete roof followed by a decorative top coat.

The project was carried out in August/September 2015 and managed around snow and strong winds.  The project was completed September 2015.