Project: Insulation of Tank T-101, Paritutu Tank Farm, Taranaki
Environment: Coastal, atmospheric corrosivity category E-M
Owner: Shell Todd Oil Services
Products: Jotun Tankguard Storage / Endurathane SR52 / Enduracryl PUR Coating
Applicator: Polymer Group Ltd Contracting and Highgrade Coatings Ltd

Tank T-101 is a mild steel tank with floating lid. The tank is heated to prevent the build-up of waxes on the tank walls that could cause the floating lid to seize up.

The tank was stripped of its original thermal insulation and inspected for corrosion under insulation (CUI). It was then cleaned and abrasive blasted and Jotun Tankguard Storage was applied. Endurathane SR52 polyisocyanurate foam was spray applied . Finally the foam insulation was sealed and protected with Enduracryl PUR coating.

Jotun Tankguard Storage was recommended as the coating under insulation to prevent CUI.

Completion date: March 2012