The Rigi Apartment

PROJECT:                        Waterproofing of Plywood Residential Decks

Owner:                           Body Corporate 322796

Address:                         27 The Rigi, Northland, Wellington 6012

Products:                       Rhino Linings SP150 / Tuff Stuff / Armafloor 500

Project Manager:        Helfen Limited Building Surveyors

Contractor:                   Five Star Construction – Main Contractor
                                         Xtreme Protective Linings – Waterproofing

This project involved building remediation and waterproofing of plywood decks at The Rigi apartment complex using Rhino Linings Tuff Stuff waterproofing seamless membrane.

The plywood decks included falls to drains and the plywood joints were bond breaked. The plywood substrate was primed, Tuff Stuff membrane spray applied to the decks and then Armafloor 500 a protective and decorative polyaspartic topcoat applied.

The decks were completed in March 2019. The Rhino Tuff Stuff waterproofed decks have a service life of at least 20 years and this waterproofing project came with a 15 year product warranty.

Rhino waterproofed deck

Polymer Group Ltd is an applied technology company comprising a team of industrial chemists, engineers and qualified coatings inspectors which has served New Zealand industry for over 25 years.

Property asset protection is the company’s major focus, providing proven, durable solutions for the protection of structural steel, concrete and timber structures.

Wear resistant, anti-corrosive protection systems are engineered to provide optimum performance and extended maintenance intervals.

Surface coating technology advances offer multiple choices to the asset manager and civil engineer who is seeking long term solutions and minimum downtime, when an optimum application time frame is not able to be provided.

Maintenance assessments and specification options give the client the opportunity to inspect and discuss the asset with experienced personnel, taking into consideration the exposure environment, past performance of any existing protection systems, available downtime and other constraining influences.

Sole responsibility material supply and application contracts provide the client with further reassurance that their protection/maintenance systems are supplied and installed by a Quality Assured company.

Xtreme Protective Linings Ltd (XPL) is a quality provider of durable high performance surface coatings and composites.

XPL have extensive experience applying long-lasting decorative coatings, protective linings, waterproofing systems and composite components for a wide range of residential, commercial, industrial and marine uses. All XPL finishes and composites can be tailored to deliver the specifications you require.



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